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With the great expertise and know-how on the subject from its Master Coach Débora Rozensztajn, Maidstone RH built a solid name in the market of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo
and expanded through Brazil and Europe.
Today it is headquartered in the UK, in a strong and economically heated hub, a
model that provides wealth of information and innovation to share with its
customers and candidates.

Master Coach Débora Rozensztajn is a member of the BACC – British Argentine Chamber of Commerce, in London,

representing Maidstone HR

Management Maidstone HR

Master Coach Débora Rozensztajn, an internationally recognized Career Coach, has been
working in the retail and customer service market for more than 20 years,
guiding, preparing and relocating professionals to the job market.
One of her strong characteristics is to believe in the internal potential of people
and in the qualification of this talent for the growth and professional happiness
of each individual.

Because Maidstone is an HR Boutique, we serve each client with exclusivity and
all the work is done in an agile, personalized way. We understand that this
treatment makes all the difference.

Hundreds of people and companies have already had the help and guidance of
Master Coach Débora Rozensztajn to form solid teams, successful careers and achievement of

What we offer

Professional recruitment:


Maidstone RH captures respected professionals for diverse companies, in
different segments and at all hierarchical levels. We have a database with more
than 14 thousand candidates which is in constant update. We do a dedicated
Headhunting job for each one of our clients and we are committed to nominating
trusted candidates with expertise in the right industry.

To Companies



With an in-depth knowledge of professional behavior, Maidstone performs team
ombudsman work to analyze and detect internal problems that may be occurring
within the corporate environment at all hierarchical levels. This work is
indicated for companies that value human material and labour or wish to avoid

Sales and service quality training


The training is created for each company upon their actual need. We use
group coaching to have more assertive results. All the training work has as a
goal: the achievement of results and motivation of those who participate. As a
result of the training we gain partnership.

Career Coaching


For those who wish to grow within a company, change careers, relocate within
the job market or expand professionally, we offer Career Coaching, taught by
Debora Rozensztajn, specialized in professional coaching and mentoring.
We guide our candidates in creating a well-crafted Curriculum, with correct
notions of salaries, market reality and success in highlighting their personal

For candidates

Recruitment in the job market


Maidstone warmly welcomes your professional profile and after an evaluation of
your goals we route your resume to clients with opportunities that will become
successful achievements for both parties, companies and candidates.



In several areas, we also work with the job of hunting for candidates. We look for
opportunities in the market that are within what our candidates seek and
forward the profiles through our company, which always ends up giving more
credibility to those who receive it.

"Maidstone RH believer in the capacity and potential of the human being. There are no limits to who has clear goals and determination. Our achievement is guaranteed.

Debora Rozensztajn

What our clients have to say

Some of our customers

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" your goal is our goal, your achievement is our achievement"

Debora Rozensztajn

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